Learning How to use the English language effectively

Nowadays, the English language has earned its significance throughout the globe. Since time immemorial, many people across nations have been using the language. In global business, English found its place. In literature, widespread use of the language was the way to entice readers across the globe. So, can any person learn English? ; To speak the language like native speakers? Anything can be impossible…

                   1.)     Learn first the English Alphabet and its pronunciation
                   2.)    Read and Memorize the Alphabet
     (For easier understanding use a translator in the internet)

1.)    Watch movies with English Translation- (familiarizing with English Words)
2.)    Watch Hollywood movies with good audio(familiarizing with English Pronunciation)
3.)    Talk with English Speakers
4.)    Chat with English Speakers thru the internet such as in social networking sites such as   
5.)    Listen to English Songs (children songs such as this: "Mary had a Little Lamb"
6.)    Practice singing English Songs

1.)    You need a tutor
2.)    For tutorial you can enroll in a class or one-on-one tutorial
3.)    Through the internet, you can visit 

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