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    The World's 1st Biodegradable Car!!!! 

    Apparently green evolution has already been initiated. States have already exerted efforts to mitigate the effects of Global Climate Change. Apart from this, not only states but responsible citizens have shown their environmental concern; individuals not excluding Filipino Designers such as Kenneth Cobonpue.   The incredible work of Mr. Cobonpue shows the world that Filipinos believe that they can help mother nature..

Disclaimer note: Pictures embedded were taken from other sites. The author of this blog respect and acknowledge the copyright of the photographer and of the patent, if there is any, of Mr. Cobonpue.

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Quotable Quotes XD

If the sun shines in your soul, does it matter if it rains outside?
Happiness within overlooks the sadness that any event may bring...
--------Stay Happy Always ^_^

Forgiving opens your heart,
 so you can let out the hurt
 and let Love shine in....

New Philippine Peso Bills

I wonder if the Bangko Sentral ng Philippinas have produced enough of these bills to circulate nationwide....

End of the World?

Upon hearing the news spread by a certain group in the US, I was dumbfounded for a moment.Then, I calmed myself, thinking that it was a mere religious propaganda.

At this moment, the predicted time had passed. I don't know exactly what to think... Last night I have read the book of revelation written by the apostle John. It was full of symbols and messages. Then, I thought that the word of God should not be merely literally or mathematically interpreted.I believe that it should be read with faith and prayer. Hence, we Christians should be careful. There is nothing wrong in preparing our souls ahead of time. It is rather better to do that. Who knows? We cannot predict the future...We will never know what will happen to us. As the saying goes: "Preparation is the cure to anxiety"....