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Philippine 2010 National Elections

Who am I going to vote this coming national elections? As of this moment, I am still undecided...why? 
Ironically, as a political science (bachelor) graduate, I have found it so difficult to choose among the candidates. Almost all of them have their respective controversies and propaganda against their rivals. For instance, one of the presidential candidates have issues on the C5 road project and also on his ballooning electoral expenses. On the other hand, another candidate who appears to be on lead in the surveys, also has an issue on their real estate property and the tenants occupying it. There are some propaganda against such candidate such as his past actions in the senate--for example not voting infavor of the hearing of the hello garci tape......Furthermore, another presidential candidate, the cousin of the previously mentioned candidate, is currently attached to the Arroyo Administration. Notwithstanding his intelligence and fame, for me, his attachment to the present administ…

Defeating the Purpose of Waste Segregation in the Philippines

Separating plastics from biodegradable wastes; labeling trash cans--:"non-biodegradable" and "non-biodegradable"-a common practice  in the Philippines. Formally cloak as solid-waste management programs,  waste segregation projects of the government or of civil society are essentially futile for several reasons.
Well, we have been too preoccupied of segregating solid wastes through the use of separate garbage bins in the Philippines. I myself have been fooled of such idea, thinking that it would solve some environmental problems. However, such action is merely touching the surface.
After disposing and segregating solid wastes using distinct garbage bins, most of us forget that that there is still something we need to do. Did you know that when garbage collectors gather all the wastes from the bins, they just lump them together in one dump truck! Thereafter, the wastes will be  dumped in one dump site. So, what happened to waste segregation? nothing....useless...
Can we…